About Musoni BV

Musoni started with a simple idea – that microfinance could be revolutionized through the use of mobile technology.

In September 2009, after almost a year of preparations, we founded Musoni Kenya, the first 100% mobile microfinance institution in the world. Today, the company has established five branches, serves over 10,000 clients and has disbursed loans with a combined value of over $15m to Kenyan micro entrepreneurs.

While Musoni Kenya grew, the Musoni team in Amsterdam continued to improve the model, adding new features to its IT platform such as an SMS module and the Musoni app, enabling Wealth Creation Officers (Musoni’s loan officers) to register clients and complete loan applications in the field. In addition to being cashless, the app improves the efficiency of the core microfinance processes, improves the quality of data captured in the system, and makes it easier for loan officers to operate independently of the branches. All applications are now automatically processed by a Digital Credit Committee which has large potential to further improve the efficiency and reduce the risk of operations, increasing the number of automated decisions, and enforcing internal rules and guidelines.

Having proved our concept with Musoni Kenya, in April 2013 Musoni created two subsidiaries: Musoni Services and Musoni Investments. Musoni Investments aims to replicate the success of Musoni Kenya in new markets, with Musoni Uganda’s opening planned in 2014. Musoni Services makes its state of the art platform available to other MFIs, and indeed any company looking for a low-cost but high-quality system to manage their operations.

This is just the start. We believe that our model is the future of microfinance, ensuring that we can continue improving lives through financial inclusion.

Growth of Mobile Phones

Over the last decade the number of individuals in Africa with access to a mobile phone has risen dramatically, reaching almost 75% in many areas. Simultaneously, mobile money transfer services have become increasingly popular, shaping how people access basic financial services across the developing world. In Kenya the M-PESA service offered by Safaricom serves over 20 million customers through a network of over 70,000 countrywide agents, who are typically corner shops that can be conveniently visited by microfinance clients. MMT services are also popular and growing in Tanzania, Uganda and much of SSA as well as Latin America and Asia. At Musoni, we leverage on the popularity and availability of these MMT services to reduce the cost and improve the security around making repayments, receiving loans and depositing savings, both for ourselves and our clients. 

Understanding Microfinance

More than one billion people in the world do not have access to a bank account. Microfinance can make a difference. Microfinance is the provision of financial services to the unbanked and underbanked. This can include providing access to credit or a safe place to store savings, as well as more advanced products such as micro-insurance or money transfer services. Access to financial services such as these allow individuals to smooth consumption, to better cope with shocks, to manage risk, or invest in their businesses and improve their living conditions.


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